Teddy the Pekingese


Teddy is a beautiful male pekingese. He is 7 years old born on November 10th 1999.

When Teddy was born he was perfect as can be.  When he turned 4 years old we started having problems. I noticed Teddy would get real quiet and hide under our bed. Everything seemed normal with him but he would just hide.

After hiding for about 15 minutes he’d come out and be fine….never thought there was any reason for concern.  Then a few months passed and he started to stiffen up and fall down….he would snort, his eyes would look strange but it was more like he had a Charley Horse.  After a few minutes that would be the end of it.

Teddy Male Peke

Teddy likes to stretch out alot as most dogs do. I thought at first he just cramped up a muscle in his back. The way he was cramped up was sort of like a cat stretching up.

Please if your dog is acting strange like a charley horse or cramped up real stiff have him/her checked out. This isn’t normal. I went for months thinking he stretched a bit too much and got a charley horse I never ever thought he was having a seizure.

I contacted the vet and told them about this and they said to keep an eye on him. If anything happened again to call them. Well a few weeks later it did happen again for a few minutes and I called and was told to keep watching him.

About 6 months passed with nothing going on with Teddy and I thought all was well and that it was just a muscle cramp or Charley Horse.  Until he once again, looked like he cramped up but this time fell to the ground was breathing heavily and his eyes (not rolled to the back of his head) but the whites in his eyes were more viewable than his eyeballs. Real stiff and laying on the floor with his one leg up in the air like he cannot put it back down unless it is forced.

This lasted about 5 minutes. I called the vet and they said he probably had a seizure. I was shocked. No health problems what so ever until now.

Teddy Puppy

This happened again and without basically the vet being able to see it (they were so fast) he couldn’t get diagnosed properly. Plus with seizures so fast (minutes) there is really nothing that could be done.

Well, things got worse. He started having them every month almost to the day. Finally he had a MAJOR seizure.  I called the vet and they told me to get him right in. This time Teddy wouldn’t stop seizing. They called this cluster seizures.  Every 15 minutes he was having a seizure. I rushed him to the vet, and he had one there. He was put on Phenobarbitol which seemed to help him. However, with him being on this med he was acting drunk, clumsy, and just plain out of it. I felt horrible for him.

The next day he acted fine like nothing ever happened.  A few weeks later he had another round of cluster seizures and 1:00 in the morning. We had to drive 30 miles out to the Emergency Vet and he stayed over night there. They gave him more Phenobarbitol Intraveneously and he seemed almost high when I left him.

I picked him up the next morning and called his regular vet. I kept giving him the Phenobarbitol as directed that day and I didn’t like how he was acting what so ever! He would fall down, slam into the walls, just like a drunk. He was spaced out, and just acted so strange.

I went into the Vet and had a talk with her about my options. She gave me 2 Vials of Valium to be administered via his butt (if the seizures didn’t subside with the Phenobarbitol).  A month later he had another round of Cluster seizures.  I popped a Pheno into him when it started and that helped ….he held off for about 15 minutes until his next round. I gave him another pill and that helped…20 min later another seizure etc., until an hour later they were under control.

I called the Vet again and said that the Phenobarbitol helps a little but the clusters will not stop and I NEED HELP.  She asked how I felt about homeopathic etc., I said I am totally open to it. 

They ordered him a bottle of Bromide and I was told he would need blood tests to check his levels every 3 months. And the vet told me to administer the Valium anally as soon as his seizures STARTED this time. She said forget the Phenobarbitol and get that Valium into him.

A month later he seized again and I got that Valium into him. About 2 minutes later he was calm and DID NOT SEIZE after that shot. That was it no cluster seizures nothing. He was a little out of it from the shot for a few hours but he STOPPED seizing right after he got that valium shot. I was so happy for him.

We continued with is Bromide prescription and the seizures kept coming but after he got that Valium shot he was fine each and every single time. Thank god for Valium for this dog.  However, I was paying $85 for a bottle of Bromide for each refill and Teddy was still having seizures monthly.

I called the vet and said I don’t get this. He’s been on this Bromide for 3 months and he still is having seizures like clockwork monthly. He got a blood test and it showed his levels were LOW that he didn’t have enough in his system so they upped the dosage.  3 months continuously he kept having seizures.  I was getting aggravated and almost gave up on this stuff.

I figured that I could be hurting him by giving him Bromide and it wasn’t working. I didn’t care how much it cost. I just wanted it to work. If I’m going to keep administering Bromide into my dog daily it better damn well work. I don’t need to mess up his kidneys or liver for NOTHING.

About a month later he had a seizure. Then a week later another one a few days after that another one. I was like we are going backwards here. He has NEVER seized so much in his entire life. It was HORRIBLE.  I went through 5 valium shots in less than a month.  We are now going on month 6 of the Bromide….and all of a sudden as I was to give up Bromide HE STOPPED seizing.

Teddy has not seized since October 2007.  It has been almost 3 months!

I’ll keep you posted as we go. I am so happy I didn’t give up. The vet said it takes time and patience and it is basically an experiment to get the right dosage into him. He is due for another blood test next month. I am so happy this is working for him so far!

If your dog has seizures I highly recommend using Valium distributed into his/her butt (super easy to do) and to try the Postassium Bromide. DON’T GIVE UP on the Bromide. I almost DID and now he has been seizure free for 3 months. Valium shots cost me $6 a shot that’s it.

Wish us luck!

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6 Responses to “Teddy the Pekingese”

  1. Sherri Says:

    I have an 8 mo. old pekingnese that i think has been having seizures. He’s only had 2 before yesterday and the yesterday he had 2 and my husband said he had one this morning before I got up. He stifins up with his & will fall over on his side. I haven’t taken him to the vet. yet, but wanted to getyour opinion on it. (since it sounds like you have experience on the matter)
    I glad to hear yours are doing better. It’s very heartbreaking to watch this happen, Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Sherri

  2. Lyla Says:


    My pegkingese also suffered from seizures. He is 5 years old. He is on 1/2 of Cortisone every 2nd day and since then he never had a seizure again. We tried to weaned him off the Cortisone. 4 days after his last tablet he had his first seizure agian in bout 3 months. He is back on the 1/2 tablet every 2nd day and since then he had no seizures.



  3. Traci Says:

    I just found your webpage about your sweet peke and his seizures. I have a four year old female peke named Sophia that I love with all my heart and she has had two short seizures just as you described your baby having in the beginning. I have been so worried about her because she is home alone while I am at work during the day. Both times she had the arched back, paw in the air and the whites of her eyes more prominent than the pupils and she is nonresponsive for about 5 minutes the first time and about a minute the second time. The seizures have been about a month apart. Up until this time she has been perfectly healthy. I am frightened for her and would like to know what if anything you have experiences differently since your posting above that may help me in my decision as to what to do other than letting the vet run tests, etc.
    Thank you for your time,
    Traci :)

  4. Peke Nut Says:

    Thank you all for your comments.

    I have emailed you all back.

    I am sorry for any delays I was heavily spammed.

    Teddy was put on Potassium Bromide and it took MONTHS for this to take effect. I’ll tell you what it was worth it. He has maybe 2 seizures a year. My vet gives me Valium Shots to keep on hand in case he seizes again. And those are injected via the rear…..within seconds he stops seizing. It’s amazing.

    The Potassium Bromide is AWESOME. He does get his blood checked every 3 months for levels. But to not have this dog go through that horrible seizing its so worth it. I get a 3 month supply of Bromide for like $80.00.

    Please comment back and let me know how all your dogs are doing. I would greatly appreciate it.

    thanks everyone!

  5. bob Says:

    my dog harley expeirence’s a seizure about once a week ,sometimes more often , he just turned 3 and has been on phenobarb for about a year and a half and still the seizures happen. we are trying to find a better solution ,very troubling for my wife seeing the liitle guy in a seizure , seeing how you have had the same problem with your dog teddy i was wonering if you could offer a little advice or different treatments . thank you for your help

  6. Peke Nut Says:

    Hi I am sorry about your dog Harley having to go through that. It is horrible to watch. Teddy tried the Pheno Barb as well but it was just not doing its job.

    Like I have written we put him on the Potassium Bromide. He weighs 18 lbs and takes 2 ml at dinner and another 2 ml at night time because his were so bad he had cluster seizures which are basically one right after another, about every 10-15 minutes.

    The Bromide didn’t show any results for a few months. But once it kicked in he maybe seizes once a year now it is so awesome.

    We keep Valium on hand as well. Once I see a sign of him seizing we give him the valium anally. He stops within seconds.

    Please talk to your Vet about putting your dog on Bromide. Especially if your dog is seizing every week. That’s way too much, too hard on his breathing and the brain. Copy this letter and show your vet.

    I almost gave up on the Bromide thought that it was a joke because he kept seizing. But it takes a while to get the right dosage into the bloodstream to work effectively. Ask your Vet if Bromide is a good idea for your poor Harley. I don’t see why not. Seizing once a week is way too much. Let the bromide runs its course you will then get a blood test and monitor your dog every 3 months.

    Please let me know if I can help you further.


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